The Harvard Business Review considers good writing essential to business success, recognizing that, “effective writing must be a company-wide endeavor.”

Hire me for your next writing, editing, or social media project. I am a detail-minded, deadline-driven, creator of original content with experience working on a variety of high-quality writing projects. My strengths lie in long and short-form writing, and I have familiarity with a wide range of topics. Recent pieces published include in-depth stories about politics, higher education, and medical marijuana. As a former university writing instructor, I possess the research skills necessary to become an expert on any subject.

I am a client-centered communication professional; I understand the central role that writing plays in any business endeavor.


Writing – Proficient in long and short-form article writing, academic writing and business communication, presentation design (including PowerPoint), public relations and marketing copy, web copy, and email communication plans for customer relationship management (CRM)

Editing – Effectual in all listed writing proficiencies, with university-level design/teaching experience, and a working knowledge of multiple writing standards, including MLA, APA, and Chicago style

Social Media – Dynamic producer of social media content across a wide range of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and various blogging programs

Each project begins with an in-depth consultation, which I take as an opportunity to become intimately familiar with your products and services, and to develop a unique voice for your business needs.

If you are one of the great leaders that consider communication a core competence, then please contact me at, or via the form below. As a client-centered communication professional, I understand that writing is your business.

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